Domestic and overseas engineering project contracting and the supply of complete sets of plants and equipments forms another important part of the main line business of CNAICO. CNAICO dedicates itself to providing customers with high quality integrated services.

Engineering Project Contract. Making the utmost of its profuse experience and professional background in both machinery and automotive industries, coupled with continuous enhancement of engineering service capacity, CNAICO provided various engineering project contracting services to customers at home and abroad and is gradually expanding into the fields of power generation, ship building, automotive, transportation, ordinary industrial and agricultural engineering.

Supply of Complete Sets of Plants and Equipments. Based on the exportation of complete electric power generating plants to India, CNAICO is further exploring Indian market in while closely following other marketplaces at home and abroad for similar products. The completion of barge supply to customer in Singapore set foundation for our shipbuilding business. Step by step CNAICO increased volume of business and successfully explored new markets. It provided large quantities of complete sets of plants & equipments to industrial, agricultural and other sectors of the national economy.

Joint Operation. To speed up the exploration of high-end market for engineering peroject, CNAICO never ceases seeking opportunities of entering into collabration with with powerful engineering contracting and complete plants supplying companies either at home or abroad.

Power Plant Project   Ship-building Project
In July 2006, CNAICO signed its first contract for the supply of a power plant to India (60mw), marking the successful entry of CNAICO into the Indian market. Ever since then, a series of contracts, letters of intention and memorandums were signed for export of complete sets of power generating plants and equipment, with capacity ranging from 25 mw, 30mw, to 135mw and 350mw. Up to now 7 projects are implemented and another 10 projects are being studied and negotiated.
CNAICO exported a 100-meter barge to Singapore for the first time ever on Aug.12, 2007, starting an important step toward its engagement in the ship building business. Since August 2006, CNAICO has successfully signed contracts for export of four barges. And our clients include large ship manufacturing companies publicly-listed in Singapore and globally leading integrated logistics companies in Korea.