A Decade of Great Efforts Pays off: 2018 Hohhot Auto Show Witnesses “Flying Youth”

Pub Date:2018-06-15   Reads:

       On June 15, the auto market of the Green City ushered in a grand event: the 10th Hohhot International Auto Show and New Energy Industry Expo in 2018 (referred to as the 2018 Hohhot Auto Show) opened at the International Convention and Exhibition Center of Inner Mongolia. Xie Rui, Deputy Secretary-General of Hohhot Municipal People’s Government, Xue Dianfu, Deputy Director of Hohhot Bureau of Commerce, Guo Yongzai, Deputy Director of Hohhot Economic and Information Technology Committee, and Jia Huaijiang, General Manager Assistant of China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. (referred to as SINOMACH) attended the opening ceremony.


       The Auto Show was jointly hosted by SINOMACH and the Hohhot Municipal People’s Government. It occupied all exhibition halls of the Convention and Exhibition Center and the tent exhibition area of the North and South Squares. The exhibition takes an area of over 80,000 square meters, involving more than 80 participating brands and nearly 700 exhibition cars. Among them, there are more than 60 new energy vehicles.

       This Auto Show featured luxury cars, joint venture cars, imported cars, domestic cars, and many other brands, as well as SUVs, family cars, practical scooters, limos and other models, a collection of various major brands. In addition, the 2018 Hohhot Auto Show is innovation-driven and continuously expands the connotation of “auto show”. On the basis of contributing to the whole vehicle sales services, the auto parts and supplies exhibition area was added. And the exhibits mainly displayed were auto decoration, automobile electronics, auto detailing services, auto maintenance, auto finance, and auto insurance.


       From 2009 to 2018, the Hohhot Auto Show has been developing for a decade and evolving from a new show to a mature one, from one with a few visitors and cars to the largest auto show north of the Great Wall, creating brand new value and experience for exhibitors, the media, and the audience. Integrating youth and fashion, the Hohhot Auto Show explores the benign interaction between the cultural industry and the automotive industry, while striving to create a high-quality consumption environment and an interactive car culture experience for exhibitors and consumers.

       As the largest and most influential international auto show in Inner Mongolia, the Hohhot Auto Show showcases new products, new technologies, new ideas, and new trends of today’s auto industry, and is thus hailed as the “Largest Auto Show North of the Great Wall” after a decade of strenuous efforts.