China Automobiles, Motorcycles and Parts (Vietnam) Brand Exhibition Held Smoothly

Pub Date:2018-06-07   Reads:

       China Automobiles, Commercial Vehicles, Motorcycles and Parts (Vietnam) Brand Exhibition was grandly open in Vietnam National Convention Center (NCC) on June 6 after an exciting lion dance and shocking drumbeats. This exhibition worked together with Vietnam Auto Expo to provide a good platform for Chinese enterprises to promote self-owned automobile and motorcycle brands in the form of an exhibition within another exhibition.


       The exhibition area of China Automobiles, Motorcycles and Parts (Vietnam) Brand Exhibition was 1,266 square meters. China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. (SINOMACHINT) served as the exclusive agency of all participating Chinese automobiles, motorcycles and parts in Vietnam. The exhibition attracted China FAW Group, SAIC-IVECO Hongyan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., Jinan Heavy Duty Truck Parts Association and Shenzhen Promotion Association for Small and Medium Enterprises, and got great support from local commerce departments and bureaus.

       As a new member of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), Vietnam is entering the period of fast economic development. Its people's demands for consumer durables such as automobiles and motorcycles which can improve the people's livelihood are increasing steadily. However, due to relatively poor industrial base and low research and development level, automobiles, motorcycles and parts have always been in short supply in the Vietnam market. Vietnam Auto Expo as the only automobiles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and parts exhibition in North Vietnam has always been an important platform for Chinese enterprises to explore the Vietnam market. China Automobiles, Motorcycles and Parts (Vietnam) Brand Exhibition has not only made Vietnam Auto Expo which has been held for 14 sessions even better, but also provided the Vietnam market of automobiles, motorcycles and parts an opportunity to re-recognize Chinese self-owned brands and products.

       China Automobiles, Motorcycles and Parts (Vietnam) Brand Exhibition reflected SINOMACHINT's full internal collaboration and resource sharing. It was hosted and organized by CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (CMEC EXPO) and China National Automobile Industry Parts Sales Co., Ltd. (CAPSC) jointly. During the preparation, CMEC EXPO cooperated fully with CAPSC to combine CMEC EXPO's more than 60 years of exhibition experience with CAPSC's enterprises resources of two traditional brand exhibitions, i.e. "China Auto Parts Fair" and "China Motorcycle Parts Fair," to provide better services for more Chinese automobile and motorcycle enterprises with innovative methods and platforms.