Han Xiaojun Attends the 2017 (10th) International Automotive Congress

Pub Date:2017-11-28   Reads:

       During the 2017 Shanghai International Automotive Spare Parts, Fault Diagnose Test and Maintenance Equipment & Service Item Expo, which is the largest automotive spare parts expo,  the International Automotive Congress 2017 (hereinafter referred to as the Congress), a significant technical communication activity, was successfully convened in Shanghai. Han Xiaojun, Secretary of the Communist Party and General Manager of SINOMACHINT, Xiao Jie, General Manager of Germany Vogel Business Media, attended the Congress and made addresses. Cheng Yongshun, Vice General Manager of SINOMACHINT, attended the Congress as well.
       Han Xiaojun indicated that, as new requirements of manufacture industry development have been proposed in the reports of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the automotive industry development would enter a higher-quality development track. Gaps would be gradually filled in a new round of competition both among finished cars or spare parts manufacturers. Correspondingly, the advanced technology and products manufacturers would strengthen their advantages. In this context, the Congress, with foresight-technology prospect, should be attached to greater importance.
       The Congress was divided into a main forum and three other specialized forums. The main forum focused on technical-tendency topics including automotive driving, electrification and energy saving & emission reduction. The three specialized forums were focused on power assembly, intelligent network and lightweight of automobile. More than 30 excellent advanced speeches covering future advanced automotives and solutions were discussed in-depth, including auto-driving, driving assistance system, power assembly system simulation, electric driven system, automotive platform, ADAS system, internet security, light materials and electric vehicle lightweight design, etc.
       The Congress was jointly hosted by SINOMACHINT, Germany Vogel Business Media, School of Automotive Engineering, RWTH Aachen, Germany and Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai).