A Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony Between SINOMACHINT and Thai-Chinese Culture Relationship Council Successfully Held in Macao

Pub Date:2017-11-08   Reads:

       On November 3rd, the Signing Ceremony of the Agreement for Strategic Cooperation between SINOMACHINT and Thai-Chinese Culture Relationship Council was convened during the Macau Automobile Expo. The two sides will cooperate in environmental-friendly automobile-related fields.
       Han Xiaojun, Secretary of the Communist Party and General Manager of SINOMACHINT, together with Vice General Manager Qiao Gong, Wen Yimei and Wang Yang, Wicky Yati, Vice Chairman of Thai-Chinese Culture Relationship Council, Zhang Songtai, Chairman of WONGPANIT RECYCLING CO. LTD, He Weitian, President of Macau Ecological Society, Guan Biao, General Manager of Macau Global Business and Technology Advisory Centre and Xu Jihua, Chairman of Anhui Guangtong Automobile Manufacturing co. LTD, attended the signing ceremony.
       Han Xiaojun indicated that China and Thailand have a long history of friendly exchanges. China is Thailand’s largest export market and tourist-generating country, while Thailand is an important economic and trade partner of a number of Asian countries. This profound strategic cooperation will keep boosting China-Thailand development and communication in the field of economy and trading and will be a significant step for companies to thrive in China and overseas.
       Wicky Yati, Vice Chairman of Thai-Chinese Culture Relationship Council, pointed out that interaction has been increasing between China and Thailand in areas of culture and trading. Besides, environmental issues have become serious concerns worldwide. As advocated by the Belt and Road Imitative, the Thai-Chinese Culture Relationship Council would like to make full use of this achievement for the wellbeing of Thailand.
       One of the cooperative projects, namely the Moveable Environmental Processing Car, is an integrated project of both automotive and environmental industries. This project covers five specialized cars including medical waste incinerator, waste solvent (solution) burning car, carcasses of animal carcasses, waste oil treatment special vehicles and soil remediation car, and has tackled the fixed specialized equipment’s drawbacks of failing to cope with dangerous wastes timely and precisely, improved the utilizing convenience, decreased the waste-dealing cost, eliminated environmental pollution and provide healthier conditions for the incinerator staff. In addition, the corresponding equipment emission has been made conformed to the national standard and the mobilized dangerous wastes-dealing platform is now more mobile, light & convenient, with strong earthquake resistance, environmental protection, versatility and flexibility. The core product technology has reached global advanced level conform to international standards.