2017 China (Macau) Automotive and Shipping Equipment Fair Successfully Convenes

Pub Date:2017-11-04   Reads:

       The 2017 China (Macau) Automotive and Shipping Equipment Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Macau Equipment Fair) was successfully convened in Macao Venetian Golden Light Convention Center during the 7th edition of the China (Macau) International Automobile Expo on November 3rd. Sun Chenghai, Director of Foreign Trade Development Department of the Ministry of Commerce, Zhang Zurong, Chairman of Macao Trade and Investment Promotion, Xu Yingzhen, Secretary-general of the Permanent Secretariat of China-Portugal Forum, Jia Jinglong, Director of  Transport Bureau of the Macao Special Administrative Region, Wang Ning, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of Qingdao, Zhang Liping, Deputy Inspector of Guangzhou Commerce Committee, Hang Xiaojun, Secretary of the Communist Party and General Manager of SINOMACHINT, and Song Xiaodong, General Manager of Nanguang (group) co. LTD, attended the Fair.
       In his address, Sun Chenghai said that as a key bond linking China and Portugal and a key point on the Belt and Road, Macao had unique regional advantages. In the future, by virtue of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao bay area construction and significant cooperation among the aforesaid regions, as well as the Pan-Pearl-Delta Region, Macao’s future development space and patterns will be further expanded and its mutual collaboration with Chinese mainland will be deepened. With the increasingly intimate communication, we are now proactively creating trade and economic cooperation promotion platform to strengthen economic construction in Macau, sparing no effort to boost interaction between the two regions. 
       This Fair, which lasted for 3 days, was committed to stimulate global cooperation and promote Macau as a unique global cooperation platform. By virtue of Macau’s unique regional advantages, this Fair has attracted buyers from more than 10 countries and regions to negotiate and procure, including Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Brazil, Portugal, Japan, Russia, Singapore and Thailand. In order to promote the Belt and Road into a new era, based on the background of the Belt and Road, the Fair also held a serious of activities including Globalization Opportunity for Chinese Automobile Electronic Enterprises Forum, Chinese Yacht Industry Exchange & Zhuhai Yacht Conference, the 2nd session of Communication Conference of the Asian National Automobile & Parts Enterprises, etc.
       Macau Equipment Fair was hosted by Chinese Ministry of Commerce, jointly undertook by Foreign Trade Development Bureau of Chinese Ministry of Commerce and SINOMACHINT and held by Nanguang International Conference Exhibition co. LTD overseas.