3rd China-Russia Industry Forum for Medium- and Small-Sized Enterprises Successfully Convened

Pub Date:2017-10-11   Reads:

       On October 9, the third China-Russia Industry Forum for Medium- & Small-Sized Enterprises was successfully convened in Guangzhou, China under the theme of “Great potential of middle- and small-sized enterprises.” Attendees who delivered a speech were: Dai Bingguo, chairman of the China-Russia Committee for Friendship, Peace and Development (CRCFPD); Titov, plenipotentiary representative of the Russian Presidential Committee to Safeguard the Interests of Entrepreneurs; Yuan Baocheng, vice governor of Guangdong Province; Talipov, deputy minister of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation; Dubrovsky, chief officer of Chelyabinsk Oblast of Russia; and Luo Yan, vice chairman of CRCFPD. The opening ceremony and the entire forum was hosted by Sun Miao, secretary-general of CRCFPD and secretary for the board of directors of China National Machinery Industry Corporation Ltd. (SINOMACH). Meanwhile, representatives from governments, enterprises and media of both countries attended the forum.
       Dai Bingguo indicated that the Chinese government has always valued the medium- and small-sized enterprises by proactive promoting their overseas exchanges. Ever since President Xi Jinping proposed the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013, medium- and small-sized enterprises have actively participated in cooperation concerning related projects with remarkable effects. Dai said that he was looking forward to strengthening cooperation among such enterprises in China and Russia, and enriching the cooperative contents to be the new stimulation for the economic and trading development of both countries.
       Titov pointed out that the economic and trade cooperation between medium- and small-sized enterprises has become a critical measure to boost non-governmental communications. Russia should learn from the Chinese government’s experience in supporting medium- & small-sized enterprises to improve mass entrepreneurship and innovation. The CRCFPD would continue to bring Russian products to China and actively introduce Chinese sci-tech products and cultural traditions to Russia. He hoped that the two governments would keep supporting the in-depth cooperation among medium- and small-sized enterprises, and fully develop their potential. 
       Yuan Baocheng said that Guangdong Province, as one of the most opened and marketized regions in China, values the medium- and small-sized enterprises in that the government makes efforts in improving related policies for the sound development of these corporations. In addition, Guangdong Province also kept emphasis on cooperation with Russia and would like to bring more practical cooperation projects to the province.