Inaugural Meeting of SINOMACHINT Successfully Convened

Pub Date:2017-10-03   Reads:

       On September 30, the 2017 Inaugural Meeting of China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. (SINOMACHINT) and First Extraordinary General Meeting was successfully convened in Beijing. Attendees include sponsor shareholder representatives and proposed directors, supervisors, and senior executives as well as representatives of the intermediary agencies and employees.
       18 proposals were adopted at the meeting including the Establishment Preparation Report of SINOMACHINT, Proposal of the Overall Reformation of SINOMACHINT to Be a Stock-holding Corporation and the Proposal to Establish a Corporation Constitution of SINOMACHINT. A Board of Directors and a Board of Shareholder Supervisors were elected, indicating a sound foundation for the regulated operations of the reformed corporation.
       As the biggest comprehensive exhibition platform of state-owned enterprises, SINOMACHINT has been committed to the general strategy of powering its business with two engines—commercial exhibition and international trading. In recent years, SINOMACHINT has kept developing relevant markets and held more than 40 exhibitions in 30 major cities with a total coverage of 3 million square meters. SINOMACHINT is the largest vehicle exporter (excluding the OEMs) with a completed industrial chain of information consultation and services, domestic and overseas exhibitions/exhibitor orientations, booth design/construction, planning and operation of publicity meetings, trading services and customization services for major clients.
       With this overall reformation, SINOMACHINT has entered a brand new phase that will further stimulate its inner vitality and self-development capability while creating a better platform for a leapfrog development and the maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets. In the future, SINOMACHINT will keep regulating its operations, make viable decisions and better structure the corporate governance so as to satisfy the customers’ needs to a greater level.