New World Intelligent Automobile Expo Launched

Pub Date:2017-09-22   Reads:

       From Sep.21 to 24, Shenyang International Automobile Expo & New World Intelligent Automobile Expo was launched in Shenyang New World Expo Centre. This session, with a theme of New Halls, New Expo, New Journey, was hosted by SINOMACH and SINOMACHINT, undertook by Liaoning Chinese Automobile Exhibition Corporation.
       Nembers of famous brands were shown in the Expo, including Bentley, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Infiniti, MDX,  Chevrolet, JEEP, Skoda, FAW, Beijing Hyundai, Svay, Zebo motor as well as high-grade used cars, motor homes and refitted cars.

       This Expo made full application of big data of Internet and precisely solute the dealers’ problems like difficult to congregate customers before the Expo and excessive-high cost, deeply presenting the concepts of Intelligent Expo. By assisting the acceleration of sales volumes of local dealers, this session has established a platform to demonstrate the product science and enterprise image for the automobile brands and exerted profound influence on the exhibition and automobile industry in Liao-Shen area.