General Manager Han Xiaojun Attends 2017 China Intelligent Precision Production Summit Forum

Pub Date:2017-09-14   Reads:

        On Nov.14, during the same term of the 4th session of China (Zheng Zhou) International Abrasives and Grinding Expo, the 2nd session of China International Bearing Technology & Service Expo and 2017 National Automobile Service Industry Expo in Consumables and Vulnerable Parts, Han Xiaojun, secretary of the communist party and general manager of SINOMACHINT, attended 2017 China Intelligent Precision Production Summit Forum and made the opening address.


       Han Xiaojun pointed out that in order to implement “Made in China 2015” (a national power –strengthening strategy) and to promote the transition and upgrading of the intelligent production of abrasives industry, it was the first time that SINOMACHINT and SINOMACH Precision Industry Co, Ltd. Jointly held the China Intelligent Precision Production Summit Forum during the same term of the aforesaid three expos. This conduct aimed at discussing the latest industrial development trend, congregating superior industrial resources and boosting continuous improvement of global competitiveness of Chinese abrasives industry.

       This session, with a theme of “Collaboration achieves intelligent production, Congregation leads future”, put focus on the following main topics: (a) High-edge machine tool applications in technological means and innovation of precision cutting, grinding and electro-processing (b) Precision production and automatic technologies (c) Convergence of precision and intelligent production technologies. By virtue of addresses on special topics made by experts, professors and entrepreneurs home and abroad, this forum embraced extensive views of cutting-edge industrial technologies and practical cases of enterprises, so as to explore intelligent precision production and promote the industrial development of abrasives industry.