Convergence and Coordination: 3 Expos Successfully Opened

Pub Date:2017-09-14   Reads:

       On Sep.14, 4th session of China (Zheng Zhou) International Abrasives and Grinding Expo (hereinafter referred to as Abrasives Expo), the 2nd session of China International Bearing Technology & Service Expo(hereinafter referred to as Bearing Technology Expo) and 2017 National Automobile Service Industry Expo(hereinafter referred to as Automobile Consumables and vulnerable Parts Expo) in Consumables and Vulnerable Parts were successfully launched in International Expo Centre in Zheng Zhou.


       Duing the opening ceremony, Shi Zhanyong, vice mayor of Zheng Zhou, Zeng Xiangdong, vice general manager of SINOMACH, made addresses, Zhang Shuxin, vice director of the office of the municipal government of Henan Province, declared the commencement. Han Xiaojun, secretary of the communist party and general manager of SINOMACHINT, vice general manager Cheng Yongshun and Zhu Feng, general manager and secretary of the communist party of ZYS Bearing attended the ceremony.
       Shi Zhanyong pointed out that Zheng Zhou will seized the significant opportunity to have itself become Chinese Manufacture 2025 Pilot City and Self-owned Innovation Pilot District and Modern Industry System will be built to strongly support the establishment of national center city. Besides, on the occasion of the aforesaid 3 Expos, it was a great opportunity to congregate talents from all walks of life, develop industrial development potential, promote industrial transformation and upgrading and accelerate significant Updated Manufacture City around the country.

        Zeng Xiangdong indicated that SINOMACH, as a gigantic state-owned enterprise with largest-scale, widest-coverage, most completed industrial chain and the best Comprehensive R&D ability in Chinese mechanic industry, has been devoted itself to establish specialized platform of abrasives & grinding manufacture, to achieve globalized superb-qualified products, cutting-edge technology concentrated demonstration, to constantly congregate highly qualified resources and talents from home and abroad and to stimulate the transformation of the scientific fruits made by  middle & small enterprises. SINOMACHINT and SINOMACH Precision Industry Corporation, as the specialized companies in Expos and Tools subordinated to SIMOMACH, will keep coordinating innovation development and promoting the related Expos to be a successful combination of state-owned enterprises and local features.


       These 3 coordinated Expos will strongly stimulate the fusion of industrial value. The aforesaid expos, with a total coverage of 35,000 square meters, attracted more than 600 enterprises from USA, German, Sweden, Japan, France, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The exposition, covering the whole industrial chain, ranged from cutting-edge abrasive and grinding materials, products and equipment, bearings, automobile consumables and vulnerable parts to updated technologies in intelligent equipment production, which was a perfect embodiment of the improvement of industrial intensive development and optimized industrial spatial distribution.