Ding Hongxiang (Vice General Manager of SINOMACH), Accompanied by Han Xiaojun (General Manager of SINOMACHINT), Attends China-Arab States Expo

Pub Date:2017-09-09   Reads:

       2017 China-Arab States Expo was launched on Nov.6 in Yin Chuan. Han Xiaojun, secretary of the communist party and general manager of SINOMACHINT, together with the vice general manager Zhang Li, accompanied Ding Hongxiang, general manager of SINOMACH, attended a couple of sectors including the Chinese Council of the United Arab Chamber of Commerce, 2017 China-Arab States Expo Opening Ceremony, the 7th session of Entrepreneur Conference, the 5th session of Investment Symposium during China-Arab Cooperation Forum and 2017 China-Arab Business Summit, etc.
       2017 China-Arab States Expo, a state-class expo authorized by Chinese State Council, is a state-promoted comprehensive platform for China-Arab cooperation, and a golden signboard of opening up policy of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. On the occasion of the opening ceremony, president Xi Jinping sent regards and earnest congratulations, pointing out that China and Arab are good friends and partners linked by the Silk Road in the history. With the deep development of global economy, China and Arab has become the significant cooperative partners for the Belt and Road and their mutual-benefit cooperative fields have been broader and more fruitful.
       2017 China-Arab States Expo, jointly launched by the Ministry of Commerce, CCPIT, the municipal government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, with “ Inheriting friendship, Deepening cooperation and Common development” as the aim, “ Practice, Innovation, Coordination, Win-Win” as the theme, Economic & Trade Cooperation as the core, Science & Agriculture as the upholder, extended its exposition contents covering commodity trading, service trading, technology cooperation, investment cooperation and tourism cooperation. This Expo attracted 43 ministers from Egypt, Indonesia, Korea, Kuwait, Kyrghyzstan etc., representatives from 18 Ministries and 31 provinces, municipal cities and Hong Kong, 29 diplomatic officers from 14 countries, representatives from 117 business associations and 1232 enterprises as well as journalists from home and abroad. 
       CMECEXPO, subordinated to SINOMACHINT, after successfully holding 2016 China-Egypt Expo and 6 forums, proactively participated in the infrastructure and product capacity cooperation display during this Expo, China-Arab High-speed Rail Conference and organization, undertaking, design and construction of Cutting-edge Technology & Equipment Exposition area. SINOMACHINT and CMECEXPO will fully utilize the comprehensive resources and Expo platform of SINOMACH, proactively broadcast the brand image of SINOMACH, promote the one-stop service for establishing grounds for “Building overseas SINOMACH” strategy and create more opportunities for the product capacity cooperation along the Belt and Road.