Xu Jian: SINOMACH Takes China’s Intelligent Manufacturing One Step Forward

Pub Date:2017-08-27   Reads:

      On August 27, 2017, the China Robot Industry Innovation Summit (CRIIS), with the theme “intelligence leads the future, innovation changes the world,” was successfully launched in Guangzhou. Participants including central and local government leaders, academicians from China Academy of Engineering (CAE) and China Academy of Sciences (CAS), robot experts from home and abroad, and representatives from excellent enterprises in robot production and application discussed on the leading role of robots in the industrial revolution and the robot industry policies in China. Specific topics include robot-related research and application, industrial development, innovation and convergence. 
       Xu Jian, general manager of China National Machinery Industry Corporation Ltd. (SINOMACH), pointed out in the opening address that since the birth of the first robot in the world in 1954, industrially developed countries have gradually established their own wholesome sector of industrial robot with global predominant enterprises as well as leading technologies and product applications. The Chinese robot industry has not started until the 1970s. However, some four decades of exploration has fostered an unprecedented rapid development, which makes China a leader in the global robot industry. In 2016, over 87,000 industrial robots have been sold in China, marking an increase of 27%. The sales made China the top country in the world in terms of robot consumption.
       Xu Jian said that the implementation of the innovation-driven strategy has ensured the main role of enterprises in innovation. As a state-owned corporation characterized by largest scale, widest coverage, a complete business chain and outstanding R&D capability in the Chinese mechanical industry, SINOMACH is an unwavering performer of “Made in China 2025.” In 2015, SINOMACH signed a strategic cooperative agreement with the Guangzhou Municipal Government. By the aforesaid diligence and joint effort of both sides, China (Guangzhou) International Robot & Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition has become the biggest and nationally well-known professional exposition in south China. In the future, SINOMACH will continue to further cooperate with Guangzhou in more fields, promoting associate innovation and boosting complementary advantages, which will take Chinese intelligent manufacturing one step forward.
       Information shows that, having been convened in Guangzhou for three consecutive times, the CRIIS is one of the biggest and most influential summits in China.