General Manager Han Xiaojun Attends 2017 New-energy Automobile Intelligent Network Connection Symposium

Pub Date:2017-07-24   Reads:

       On June 22, on the occasion of the 2nd session of China (Guangzhou) International New-energy, Energy-saving and Intelligent Automobile Exposition, the 2017 New-energy Automobile Intelligent Network Connection Symposium was convened in Guangzhou. Han Xiaojun, Secretary of the Communist Party and General Manager of SINOMACHINT, attended the symposium and made an address.
       Han Xiaojun pointed out that currently, a new scientific revolution characterized by mobile Internet, big data and cloud computing is embracing a growing trend, and there has also been an evident transition from traditional to intelligent manufacturing. The automobile industry in China has already become a significant part of the world. Intelligent network-connection automobile was a new highlight in auto-industry after the new-energy cars. As the host of the exposition, SINOMACHINT, while fully preparing for the exposition, would also like to proactively promote the development of new technology and new industry.
       This symposium was jointly hosted by SINOMACHINT and China Mobile. Authoritative experts were also invited to discuss about the future development of automobile-Internet connection.