SINOMACH Vice General Manager Ding Hongxiang Visits Guilin Vice Mayor Fan Xinhong

Pub Date:2017-07-22   Reads:

       In the afternoon of June 21, Ding Hongxiang, Vice General Manager of SINOMACH met with Fan Xinhong, Vice Mayor of Guilin City. Han Xiaojun, Secretary of the Communist Party and General Manager of SINOMACHINT, Dong Sha, Chairman of Guilin Electric Appliance Scientific Research Institution, also attended the conference. Vice General Manager Ding Hongxiang introduced the conditions and the status quo of SINOMACH and SINOMACHINT, indicating that there’s plenty room for future cooperation with Guilin Government. Vice Mayor Fan Xinhong pointed out that expositions with larger scale and higher levels should be introduced to Guilin and Guilin expo-economy should be jointly propelled by both sides.