2017 Mango (Changsha) International Automobile Exposition Held a News Conference

Pub Date:2017-07-21   Reads:

      On June 20, the news conference of 2017 Mango (Changsha) International Automobile Exposition (hereinafter referred to as Mango International Auto-Expo) was successfully held in Hunan International Exposition Centre. Luo Weixiong, Director of Hunan TV & Radio Station, Song Changying, Assistant of the General Manager of SINOMACHINT, Chen Shuzhong, Director and Secretary of the Communist Party Commission of Changsha-Expo Management Office, Jiang Zongping, Chairman of Hunan Yongtong Corporation, and Meng Bin, Chairman of Shenzhen Auto-Expo Alliance Corporation, made addresses during the opening ceremony and started the super-run engine for the inauguration of this session of Mango International Auto-Expo.
       Luo Weixiong, Vice Director of Hunan TV & Radio Station, said the station was a media-convergence platform characterized by brand-charisma, creative capacity and highly market-oriented traits. Hunan International Exposition Centre has kept focusing on establishing Changsha as a major place for expositions in the middle part of China as advocated by the Hunan Government. Automobiles have shared long history with Hunan TV & Radio station. Since 2000, Audi, Buick, FAW-Volkswagen, Volvo, Benz, Dongfeng Nissan and GMMC have made deep cooperation with Hunan Spring Festival Gala, “Making Progress Every Day”, “Happy Camp” and “Dad, Where Are We Going?” hosted by Hunan TV & Radio Station. These successful examples have shown the interactive effectiveness of the cooperation between automobiles and hit shows on TV.
       As the host representative of the Auto-Expo, Song Changying pointed out that Mango International Auto-Expo would devote itself to building a diversified international automobile exposition and fully explore all demands so as to make better service for the exhibitors and consumers neutrally and objectively. The exposition would also integrate social resources and bring about more values for the exhibitors and more comprehensive experience to the audience, he said. 
       Chen Shuzhong, Director and Secretary of the Communist Party Commission of Changsha-Expo Management Office, extended his expectations that Mango International Auto-Expo, by virtue of the Mango brand advantages, would inject novelty to the expo and promote it to become an extraordinary event. He hoped the exposition would focus on automobile-dealings as well as strengthening the Auto-Expo specialty, seeking breakthroughs in science, auto-culture and fashionable life and bringing an unexpected experience to the audience.
       Mango International Auto-Expo, hosted by SINOMACHINT, Hunan TV & Radio Station, Hunan International Exposition Centre, Shenzhen Auto-Expo Alliance Management Corporation, Changsha Xinruifang Expo-service Corporation, will be launched in Hunan International Exposition Centre on November 14-18. With the theme “My cars, my life”, the exposition will show new achievements of domestic and foreign automobile industries in scientific research, latest fruits in energy-saving, environmental protection, scientific culture and fashionable life, etc., and will witness the great expectations and endless imaginations to future lives that may impart vitality to Hunan automobile markets.