SINOMACHINT to Attend Global Expo Negotiation Conference and be Honored as an Excellent Organization

Pub Date:2017-07-10   Reads:

       On June 4-6, the 7th session of China and Foreign Countries Exposition Cooperation Project Negotiation Conference (hereinafter referred to as Global Expo Negotiation Conference) was launched in Beijing Yanqihua Exposition Center. Song Changying, Assistant of General Manager of SINOMACHINT, on behalf of Han Xiaojun, the Secretary of the Communist Party and General Manager of SINOMACHIT, attended the “Automobile Forum” during the conference and made address on “how to improve the core competitiveness of Chinese auto expositions”.
       In his speech, Song Changying made a retrospect of the development process of SINOMACHINT and the historic origin of Beijing International Automobile Exposition. Meanwhile, by the cases of Shanghai International Spare Parts, Maintenance & Service Items Exposition, International Automobile Spare Parts Fair, China (Shenyang) International Automobile Industry Exposition, Guangzhou International Automobile Spare Parts and After-sales Market, China (Foshan) International Automobile Exposition and Hohhot International Automobile Exposition, she brought about numerous ideas, such as how to strengthen the significant role of “matching” in exposition services and the short- cut role of resource integration and cross-border cooperation. In addition, she also indicated that SINOMACHINT would like to establish a global superb-qualified platform in exposition and trade with people from all walks of life and resources and stimulate Chinese automobiles’ progress and promote the globalization of Chinese equipment enterprises.
       Besides, this exposition also announced the “Golden Star” exposition award. SINOMACHINT was honored with the “Excellent Organizer” award and the “Excellent Exhibitor” award. These awards, under the theme of “Establish Industrial Model, Promote Industrial Development”, appraised and celebrated the extraordinary cities, institutions, enterprises and individuals in exposition industry, and expressed the wishes and goals of exposition industries in cities, governments and enterprises.