General Manager Han Xiaojun VisitsSiasun Robot Co., Ltd.

Pub Date:2017-06-30   Reads:
        On June 28, during the opening ceremony of the 16th session of China (Shenyang) International Automobile Industry Expo (Shenyang Auto-Expo), JiaChengbing, former President of SASAC’s large enterprise supervisory board, Cui Duoqiang, former Director of SASAC, Han Xiaojun, Secretary of Party Committee and General Manager of China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. (SINOMACHINT), and Wen Yimei, Vice Manager of SINOMACHINT, accompanied by Liu Yiheng, Vice Manager of Shenyang Siasun Robot Automatic Co., Ltd. (Siasun), visited the Siasunexhibition workshop.
        General Manager Liu introduced the status quo, service fields and product characteristics of Siasunand indicated that the company, as the keeper and impeller of Industrialization 4.0, was willing to take full advantage of its merits to stimulate the strategy of Made in China 2025. After the tour, General Manager Han pointed out that Siasun robots, as the representative of intelligence, was brought into Shenyang Auto-Expo, wasboth an innovation as well asamutual win. He hopedthat further bilateral cooperation will be continued and promote the digitalization and intellectualization in Chinese mechanism industry.