Senior Leaders Meet Cuba Ambassador Miguel Angel Ramirez Ramos

Pub Date:2017-06-20   Reads:
        On June 16, Zhang Fusheng,Chairman of China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. (SINOMACHINT), Han Xiaojun,Secretary of Party Committee and General Manager, and Lu Yizhou and Qiao Gong, both Vice General Managers, paid a visit to Cuba embassy in China upon invitation byAmbassador Miguel Angel Ramirez Ramos and Director of Economic and Business Department Juan Alberto Kelly Paras.

        Chairman Zhang and General Manager Han made introduction about SINOMACHINT’s business in Cuba and expressed theprospective of the future work to Ramos and Paras. Ramosspoke highly of the sound cooperation between SINOMACHINT and Cuban Government over the years. Moreover, he earnestlyextended his appreciation of SINOMACHINT’s specialty and efficiency in Cuba tourism development. He talked about the great importance that the Cuban Government have attached to tourism and how that had made the latest three years’ development possible. In that, he is looking forward to further,in-depth cooperation between SINOMACHINT and the CubanGovernment.