The 20179th Hohhot International Automobile ExhibitionHolds Press Conference

Pub Date:2017-05-30   Reads:
        Recently, the 2017 9th Hohhot International Automobile Exhibitionheld a pressconference atInnerMongolia International Exposition Center. GuoChenggang, Director of Hohhot Commercial Bureau and related leaders of China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. (SINOMACHINT) attended the conference.
This exhibition will be held atthe InnerMongolia International Exposition Center from June 15 to 19, covering an area of approximately 80,000 square meters involving finished automobiles, new energy cars, spare parts, refitted cars and related industries with around 80 exhibitors and 500 prototypes of automobiles. It will be a historical breakthrough in terms of exposition scale and quantities as the biggest platform of launching of newcars, display of newtechnology and trade of automobiles.

        This exhibition was highlighted by a series of self-owned, joint-ventured and imported brands, covering a wide range of exhibitors including automobile decorations, vehicle-electronics, car beauty, car maintenance etc. Consumers are exposed to on-site trendy cars domestically and abroad with extraordinary experience of wholesale procurement. Refitted area facilitated consumers with customized cars. In addition, the committee has launched a series of on- and off-line activities through “filling questionnaire for enveloped money,”“fun games,” and “Claim your ticketon We-chat” via its We-chat account to establish interaction bridge between distributors and the audience.

        According to the strategic development plan of Made in China 2025, to implement the national strategy of new-energy cars and accelerate the new-energy industry development in Hohhot, this exhibition shall set new-energy automobile display area in Hall A2 with a dozen of new-energy cars including the local Volvo new-energy cars. Supported by the giant automobile consuming market and rapidly-developing automobile industry in China, by creating a platform that publicizes the new-energy cars image, brands promotion and communication/convergence, this exposition will made contributions to the development of new-energy industry in Hohhot.