CMECEXPO SignsCooperation Agreement with CPMIA

Pub Date:2017-05-23   Reads:
        On May 15, the first congress of the sixth session of Chinese Plastic Machinery Industry Association (CPMIA) was held in Guangzhou. The members made amendments to the CPMIAconstitution as well as the admittance status of members and elected Zhang Jianming as the new director.

        During the most important partof the congress, the “Inauguration of Community of Domestic and Overseas Plastic IndustrieswithaCommonFuture”, Yang Ming, Vice General Manager of CMEC International Exhibition Co. Ltd (CMECEXPO) signed aframework agreement with CPMIA on behalf of hiscompany. The two sides intend to cultivate plastic industry exhibitions in Chinaand abroad, help the CPMIA members explore overseas markets, keep expanding the influence of the member enterprises, associations and CMECEXPO in global market and jointly promote the development of plastic machinery industry.

        During the introduction of outstanding suppliers for supporting equipment, a representative of CMECEXPO made a speech in which he shared hispractical experience in attending various plastic industry expositions worldwide and in developing extension services of the expositions on the ground of plastic machinery industry over the years.

        Using this opportunity, CMECEXPO will continue to share resources with CPMIA andgive full play to each other’s advantages. In that, both shallfurther promote cooperation in international plastic expositions as well as the industrial development and demand at home and abroad.