SINOMACH Shines at the 121stCanton Fair in Guangzhou

Pub Date:2017-04-27   Reads:
        During the 121stCanton Fair in Guangzhou, Zhang Li, Vice Manager of China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. (SINOMACHINT) and General Manager of CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (CMEC EXPO), and Wang Yuqi, Directorof Trading and Service  Business Divisionof China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH)and Head of the Trade Delegationof State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), attended the exhibition and providedsound guidance.
        Wang Yuqivisited the SINOMACH booth and had in-depthdiscussionswith the exhibitors. After hearing reportson the international development ofaSINOMACH trade subsidiary with photovoltaic new-energy, he saidthat the Canton Fair in Guangzhou has played a critical role in trade development between China and other countries. Relevantcorporations should make full use of highly professional customers and highly efficient transactionsof Canton Fair tofurther promote cooperation with the SINOMACH scientific institutes so as to implement the strategy of “Building a Global SINOMACH”.

        Since the founding of Canton Fair, CMEC EXPO has been the witness and, with more than 60 years of service experience, the convoy of its development and transformation. As the designated service provider for the SOE delegation, CMEC EXPO actively responds and practices new strategies and proposals, always strivingfor one-stop service of green exhibitions with high efficiency, superb quality and continuous innovation. Such efforts have gained the companyunanimous approval and applause of the delegation as well as its clients in the industry.