SINOMACHINT Holds News Conference for New Name

Pub Date:2017-03-25   Reads:
On March 25, China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd (SINOMACHINT) held a news conferenceannouncing the formal use of itsnew name. Chairman Zhang Fusheng, secretary of the party committee and presidentHan Xiaojun, vice president Lu Yizhou, Qiao Gong, Wen Yimei, Cheng Yongshun, Wang Yang and  Zhang Li attended the meeting. Vice secretary of the party committee, Peng Mingjing, presided the meeting.
Since February 8, 2017, China National Automotive Industry International Corporation (CNAICO), the name it has held for over a decade, formally becameChina National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. Changes were also made in the corporation brand mark and We-Chat social media title.

Han Xiaojun,president of SINOMACHINT, expressed that the name change not only met the needs of the interior resources integration of SINOMACH, but also of the long-term development of mass-production and strong operational performance. By the end of 2016, as an integrated platform, SINOMACHINT has accomplished reconstruction and the submission of shared acquisition and transformed into a corporation shared by SINOMACH, CMEC, CNMTC and The MachineryCapital Holding Co., Ltd. CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (CMEC EXPO) and SINOMACH EXHIBITION Co., Ltd, are the only two corporations specialized for exhibition under SINOMACH, formally turned in to family members of SINOMACHINT.
SINOMACHINT is specialized for exhibition (as the core) and provides services for the whole concerning industry chain. Each year, it holds more than 40 exhibitions in more than 30 cities around the country with overall coverage of 3,000,000 square meters. It holds 160 exhibitions by itself and as an agent in 100 countries overseas with 350,000 specialized audiences and 30,000 superb customer resources. In the future, as the maximum-sized and most powerful state-owned corporation for exhibition, SINOMACHINT bears the heavy burden of promoting the internationalization of Chinese machinery and equipment.
Mr. Han introduced that SINOMACHINT has formulateda five-year schedule for the corporation covering2016 to 2020, which apparently proposed the prospective as the leader of Chinese exhibition, making sure to lead the development of Chinese exhibition and promoting the progress of the Chinese automobile industry and the task of Chinese equipment globalization. In addition, targets for the following5 year periodhave also been set, and includethe insistence of“two engines” characterized by commercial exhibition and trading and to build SINOMACHINT as the world-known comprehensive exhibition and trade servicer.
During the conference, chairman Zhang Fusheng and president Han Xiaojun answered questions aboutthe Belt and Road Project, the specific measures taken to promote the “going out” policy and development directions after changing the corporation name.
More than 50 media representatives including Xinhua agency, People’s Daily, and Economy Daily attended the news conference.