Two CNAICO Exhibitions Successfully Rank in Global Expo Top 30

Pub Date:2016-07-22   Reads:
On July 14thImport Managermagazine released the 2016 Global Exhibition Top 100. 2015 Shanghai Auto Spare Parts Expo and Beijing International Automobile Exhibition ranked among the Global Expo Top 30–12 and 29 respectively. Shanghai Auto Spare Parts Expo went up an impressive 18 units compared with the previousyear.
2015 marked thefirst timeShanghai Auto Spare Parts Expowas held in Shanghai National Exhibition Centre, and it exceeded all expectations. The exhibition covered an area of 280,000 square meters (showing an annual increase of 27%), with 11 Expo halls displaying related products and services in automobile technology. The 5395 exhibitors came from 39 countries (10% more than the last session). 100,000 buyers andVIP’swere in attendance (12% more than the last session), among which, the overall number of audience overseas increased by 31% compared with before. Activities increased by 40% as well, including 53 in conferences and forums with an abundance information for the intra-industry audience.
Beijing International Automobile Exhibition was themed “Innovation and Revolution.”Its purpose was to display new achievements and breakthroughs in updated characteristics, innovative concepts, collaboration among auto industry leaders, environmental and internet technology. The Expo covered an area of 220,000 square meters and featured 1179 cars.Among these, world debut modelswere represented with 112 units, including 33 cross-border world debuts, cross-border Asian debuts, 47 concept cars and 147 new-energy vehicles.
Global Exhibition Top 100is a unique issue byImport Manager, initially published in 2008. 2016 marks the 9th edition of this list and it is printed every year in July. This list chose worldwide exhibitions and made the carpet area the main statistic of the latest exhibition held before December 31, 2015.