The First China (Guangzhou) International New-Energy, Energy-saving and Intelligent Automobile Exhibition Opened Grandly

Pub Date:2016-07-15   Reads:

On July 15, the first China (Guangzhou) International New-energy, Energy-saving and Intelligent Automobile Exposition opened in Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou City.

TheExposition covered an area of 21,000 square meters and attractedhundreds of participant exhibitors,in addition to 50,000 visitors. The Exposition was divided into passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles with fourareas including new-energy cars, charging facilities, battery fields and intelligent automobiles, among which were showcasednew-energy and intelligent automobiles like Yi Qi, Dong Feng, Benz,and Tesla. Related enterprisessuch asChina State Grid,PTIC, China Aviation Lithium Battery Co. Ltd., Tianjin Lishen also attended the Exposition.


As the organizer, Han Xiaojun, General Manager of CNAICO, pointed out in the opening ceremonythat energy-saving and new-energy automobiles are some of the highlighted areasofChinese Manufacture 2025 by the government, obviously indicating the developing strategy of new-energy cars and related industries with a clear direction.

Ever since the application of new-energy, the sales of Chinese automobiles have spurred rapidly and the pace of industrialization has increasingly accelerated. The fast development of new-energy cars has played an important role in boosting China’ssustainable sound development. In the first six months of 2016, 177,000 domestic new-energy cars were produced with sales numbers reaching 170,000, increases of125.0% and 126.9%, respectively. Therefore, the emerging new-energy cars are an inevitable trendof the Chinese automobile industry. It is expected thatthe China (Guangzhou) International New-energy, Energy-saving and Intelligent Automobile Exposition shall provide new-energy, energy-saving and intelligent automobile enterprises, distributors and customers at home and abroad with a superior communication and trade-boosting platform, developingitself into the most influential brand conference forChinese new-energy automobiles.
During the Exposition,high-levelactivities were held such as “Chinese New-energy Industry Cutting-edge Forum”, “Chinese International New-energy Material and Power for Battery Form”, “Chinese (Guangzhou) New-energy Cars and Industrial Chain Development Summit Forum”, “Critical Technology of Electric Control for New-energy Forum” and “Purchasing Conference of New-energy Cars”, among others. The aforesaid forums invited authorities fromnew-energy sources and intelligent industries, related governmentofficials, new-energy car companies representatives and audience from Chinaand abroad, sharing the development trendsand best cases of new-energy auto industry and profoundly discussing the problems confronted with the corresponding status quo.


After the opening ceremony, Chairman Zhang Fusheng and General Manager Han Xiaojun accompanied Vice Mayor of GuangzhouXieXiaodan, previous Chairman of the Large Central EnterprisesSupervisory Committee of  SASAC and previous Director of SASAC Cui Duoqiang, Ministry of Industry and Information TechnologyDirector in Guangzhou Zhao Junming, Vice President of SINOMACH Ding Hongxiang, General Manager of GAC GROUP Zeng Qinghong invisitingthe exhibition. Vice Presidents Lu Yizhou, Wen Yimeiand Cheng Yongshun attended the above activities.