CNAICO Signed China-Africa Capacity Cooperation Strategic Ally Framework AgreementWith Two Partners

Pub Date:2016-07-05   Reads:

In order to respond to the One Belt One Road Initiative and promote international capacity cooperation to achievegreater commercial value, CNAICO, North technology Co.Ltd. and Beijing Metallurgical equipment Research Design Institute Co. Ltd. signed an China-Africa RegionalCapacity Cooperation Strategic Ally Framework Agreement. Chairman Zhang Wendong from North technology Co.Ltd., Vice Dean of Beijing Metallurgical Equipment Research Design Institute Co. Ltd. and General Manager Han Xiaojun from CNAICO attended the signature ceremony. Leaders of the three parties said the China-Africa market presented promising perspectives and greatpotential, and they were looking forward to giving play to their respective expertise according to theOne Belt One Road Initiative, so as to gain complementary advantages to boost the cooperative development andcontributeto the“going out” of China’s topnational capacity.