Chairman Zhang Fusheng Attended the China Internet E-commerce Summit 2016 Discussing Reconstruction of Automobile E-commerce Environment

Pub Date:2016-04-27   Reads:
On April 27, China Internet E-commerce Summit 2016 was successfully launched in Beijing International Exhibition Center. Chairman Zhang Fusheng attended the Summit and made an address in which he explained that automobiles are living through a deep revolution, i.e. intelligent, electrification, power-sharing, e-commercialization. In other words, the above fourdimensions arethe ultimate changes in the automobile industry led by “Internet+” as proposed by Premier Li Keqiang. He isconvinced that this revolution will not only profoundly change the Chinese automobile industry, but also transformthe Chinese businessstatus. Currently, automobile e-commerce companies have already been a focus among automobile manufacturers, distributors and auto-related media for its market dividend. As a long-term auto-service corporation, CNAICO established aplatform in new ways and facilitatescommunication betweenrelatedstakeholdersto boost the prosperity in the auto industry.

During the Summit, the guests expressed their views respectively. Yang Lin,Vice President of CCPIT–Auto Industry Branch, pointed out that with the continuedpromotion of new ideas and forms, automobile e-commerce companies have become the most critical point to propel transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry. E-commerce in the auto industry is now facinga great opportunity. As aleader of the first company having transformed itselffrom traditional main engine plants to e-commerce, Vice President of Shanghai Auto-sharing Market Center, shared the experience of customizationin anautomobile e-commerce company, i.e. car-sharing customization. In addition, General Manager of Dong Feng Ri Chan Data Marketing Corporation, Zhang Zheng, and Chief Inspector of Yi Guan Intelligence Auto-internet Center, shared their views and experience about e-commerce for enterprises, and proposed prediction and prospective ideasonthe future of the industry.
This Summit becamea gathering covering auto manufacturers, distributors, e-commerce platforms and 020 innovative enterprises since its establishment last year, and ismeantto promote the innovation and progress of the Chinese automobile e-commerce industry.