Innovation and Reform —Changes in Chinese Auto Market in Beijing Auto Expo

Pub Date:2016-04-26   Reads:

Currently, the Chinese auto industry has stepped into theera of Internet, electrification and intelligence. On April 25, the 14th session of Auto China 2016was launched in the new and old buildings of the Beijing International Exhibition Centerat the same time. With the development trend of the Chinese auto industry, characterized by “innovation and reform”, theExpo integratedthe most up-to-datefeatures in the global auto industry, creative ideas in auto manufacture, new achievements and breakthroughs of the combination of modernized automobile with the environment and Internet.


This year, Beijing Auto Expo, the largest global auto expo, covered an area of 220,000 square meters. In the new center, passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, luxurious refitted vehiclesfrom Chinaand abroad were exhibited. In the old center, spare parts and new-energy automobiles were mainly exhibited. TheExpo abstracted 1600 exhibitors from 14 countries. There were 1179 automobiles, 112 global starter cars,33 cross-border global starter cars, 21 cross-border Asian starter cars, 46 concept cars, 147 new-energy cars, maintaining the Expo’s worldwide leading standard.    

Nearlyall international car companies consider the Beijing Auto Expoas the most important expo apart from their local expos. On this occasion, Porsche, Ferrari,Lamborghini,Rolls Royce and other famous brands attended the show. A new areaof luxury refit automobiles was set upnearthe east gate of the new National Exhibition Center.International top luxury refit brands such as Brabus, Lorinser, Carlson, GMC, Star Custom Industry, Inc, and cutting-edge commercial refit home cars here exhibitedtheir diversified charm. In addition, domestic brands like FAW,Dongfeng Motor Group, SAIC andChina Changan Automobile Group brought new technology and products to the audience, making great impression on visitors just as well as the overseas brands did.


The Auto Spare Parts Expositioncovered an area of 70,000 square meters with more than 1000 spare parts exhibitors. Apart from automobile drives, chassis, bodies and accessories, energy and equipment manufacture areaswere particularly set up. Exhibitors including new energy, intelligent, equipment, connected vehicles and other manufacturers attended the show andpresentednewly produced achievements of new-energy and intelligent cars in the field of auto spare parts from Chinaand abroad. In this session, New-Energy Automobile Expositionwas launched in theeighthall ofthe old National Exhibition Center, integrating world-known electric cars, displaying new achievementsof design and manufacture in Chineseand overseas electric cars. New-energy cars such asChang’an, Guangqi,Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and LEXUS,among others, were exhibited duringthe Expo.

The Auto Spare Parts Expo was highlighted througha number of summit forums and technical exchanges activities. There were dozens of cutting-edge discussions during the Exposuch as “Sino-American Automobile Industry Summit Forum”, TMC2016 and C-NCAP, covering topics like auto-Internet connection, auto spare parts and automobile aftermarket development, etc.
The Beijing International Automobile Expohas been successfullyheldfor 13 sessions, andis one of the most authoritative, highly focused, powerfullyinfluentialautomobile expos and significant exhibitionand exchange activities held biennially. The Expo shall continually to showcase the convenience and beauty that automobile industry bringsto humans’ life, boosting communication and cooperation between China and foreign countries.