Breakthroughs of 2015 Shanghai Auto Spare Parts Expo With New Expo Hall and Prospective

Pub Date:2015-12-03   Reads:
On December 2, Shanghai Auto Spare Parts Expo(hereinafter referred to as SASPE), ranked inthe second position in the global Automechanika brand list, was inaugurated in Hongqiao, Puxi District, Shanghai National Exhibition Center. This was the first pose stricken after SASPE moving to the National Expo Center, achievinggreat breakthroughs in every aspect.

As the service platform favored by the auto industry, SASPE covered an area of 280,000 square meters, 27% more than that of previous editions, with 11 halls showcasing related products and services of cutting-edge automobiles. A total number of 5395 exhibitors from 39 countries and regions (10% more than that of the previous session) took part in the Expo,including such five first-time exhibitors such as Ecuador, Finland, etc. It was expected that 100,000 buyers and specialized visitorswould attend this Expo (12% more than that of the previous session), among which the number of overseas visitorsincreased by 31% (including for the first time visitorsfrom Pakistan and Russia). A total number of53 activities, conferences and forums took place in the same period, an increase of40%, covering all range of information tomeet the needsof visitors from all the walks of life.
The opening ceremony of theExpo was heldin the Phoenix Gallery. In his speech, Vice President of Messe Frankfurt, Zhou Shaolan, expressed that moving to the National Expo Center contributed to enable those from the auto industry fulfill their goals, create opportunities, establish brands, facilitate connections, exchange information, offer education and boost marketing. President Han Xiaojun, saidthat Shanghai Auto Spare Parts Expo, after 12 years’ development, has continually grown and continue to frequently breaknew records, achieving the status of No.1 in Asia and No.2 globally. TheExpo shall graduallydevelop into an annual feast of auto spare parts and will be an important platform forexchanges ofinformation, technology, trends, direction in the global auto industry.
After the opening ceremony, Vice manager of SINOMRCH,Ding Hongxiang, Vice President of Messe FrankfurtWolfgang Marzin, along with GeneralManager of CNAICO, Han Xiaojun, and other leaders and guests visitedthe exhibition.

As the wind indicator of the auto industry, the assembling line and products shown in Shanghai Auto Spare Parts Expo reflectedthe industry’s strong developing trend. Confronted with the increasing demand of business expanding, Shanghai Auto Spare Parts Expohas upgraded its exhibitioncoverage for auto spare parts to 54,000 square meters, includingmore auto mega powers to show advanced products, technology and services. Based on the analysis of previous patterns, theExpo added an Electronic field on the basis of improving the threemain sections and adjusting the Expo’sstructure; an electronics and system zone was newly set up with coverage of more than 40,000 square meters,accounting for 15% of the total exhibition area with 658 exhibitors. This section is represented by Dalu, Dianzhuang, Haila, etc.
The Expo was characterized by its great numbers and unprecedented situation, focusing on broadcasting advanced information of updated technology and products. Supporting activities wereadded toeach of the corresponding sections, the most distinct of which was “Auto accessories and refit”. This section focused ondiversity to create information exchanges, trading, popularizing, job training, etc. The other threesections also showed abundant on-site activities, which shall provide deep educational exploration and efficient approaches to develop future products.