Chairman Zhang Fusheng Attended the AGG Expo “Internet+”and Automobile Aftermarket Tendency Debate

Pub Date:2015-11-13   Reads:

On November 12, Guangzhou Auto Aftermarket (hereinafter referred to as AGG Expo)and National-wide Auto Spare Parts Trade Fair as launchedat the Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall. As one of the most important activities in the AGG Expo, the “China Automobile Aftermarket and Internet Developing Tendency Forum” was convened in Westin Hotel. Chairman Zhang Fushengand Deputy Secretary of CPC Peng Mingjingattended the Forum.

This Forumpresentedthe opportunities, challenges and influences on Chinese automobile aftermarket exerted by the Internet. Dr Chen Yilong, Managing Director of AASA in China, mainly addressed the significant meaning of establishinga healthy market environment, brand protection and anti-adulterant products in the automobile aftermarket.


Dr Zhang Houqi confidently predicted the automobile aftermarket conditions in the coming five years. 4S stores for automobiles shall change with drop in quantity and new-energy vehicles shall prevail with high-edge technology following advances in IT.Meanwhile, as the upstream manufacturingof automobile tends to be more integrated, the current industrial form of auto spare parts shall disappear. In addition, senior leaders from Bosch, Gates-Unitta, AC auto initiator and Hua Sheng stated their experience and views respectively about the links betweenmarket operation and Internet on the basis of their own characteristics. Their unanimous opinion has been that Chinese automobile aftermarket is a great tera-scale market with great potential ifprudent commitment was followed.

In the afternoon, Chinese Auto Spare Parts Industry Tendency Forum was convened at PWTC Expo. In his address, Chairman Zhang Fushengsaidthat new ideas can be brought through the Forum to tackle all kinds of hindering problems and lead to the development of domestic auto spare parts industry in the current new economic normal for the future.In addition, the general situation of auto spare parts in its supporting system, the relevantpolicies and technical regulations, certifications and inspection techniques were introduced during the Forum.

Ye Shengji, Deputy Secretary of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Chen Zhitian, Reliability Professional Committee of International Standardization Association, etc., made speeches during the Forum.

CNAICO attended the above two activities, withthe participation of a great number of people interested in auto aftermarket from media, suppliers, dealers, services and so on.