Opening Ceremony of China International Bearing Technology andServices Exhibition

Pub Date:2015-11-06   Reads:
On October19, the first session of China International Bearing Technology andServices Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the Exhibition) was grandly held in the Luoyang Exhibition Center. During the ceremony, the centerwas crowded with exhibitors, buyers, journalists,government leaders and associationsfrom China and overseas.

The Exhibitionis the only international expo in China focusing on technology innovation and modern manufacture and services, with more than 130 exhibitors and 12,000 square meters’ coverage of items from 12 countries and regions. Based on the principle of“Innovation drives development, wisdom leads the future”, the Exhibition highlighted new technologies, materials, equipment, products and crafts related to thecurrent bearing industry. During the Exhibition, 40 campaigns were launched inninecategories, researching and tackling problems of the bearingindustry, discussing the development of approaches and technology in the field of bearings. In addition, the exhibition also providedexhibitors with all-round services including technology, market, project, financing, labors, information, e-commerce, etc.
This Exhibition was hosted by Luo Bearing Research Co. Ltd., Mechanical Bearing Industry Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Centerand CNAICO,and undertaken by Luo Bearing Science & Technology Co. Ltd.(ZYS) and SINOMACH Exhibition Co. Ltd.
Liang Bo, President of China Bearing Industrial Association(CBIA) and Chairman of Luo Bearing Science & Technology Co. Ltd.(ZYS),made an address on behalf of the hosts and the bearing association. Chen Shuxin, Vice Mayor of Luoyang City Government, made a speechas well. General Manager of ZYS, Wang Jinghua, convened and announced the opening of the ceremony. Lu Yizhou, Vice Manager of CNAICO, and Zhang Lin, from SINOMACH ExhibitionCp. Ltd.,attended the ceremony.