A Customized Era for Automobile: The 11th RA China Auto Salon 2015 Launched in Shanghai

Pub Date:2015-10-14   Reads:
The 11th RA China Auto Salon 2015, characterized by “Customization, Internet, Platform,Brand”, has been held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from October 9 to 11. During the opening ceremony, Wen Yimei, Vice Manager of CNAICO, and Ning Zhenxing, Vice President of RA, made addresses. The Secretary of RA Organization Committee, Qin Guo, introduced the general current situation of RA.

RA Salon is the earliest specialized exposition established by the Chinese automobile refit industry, which enjoys a great reputation domestically as the A-level specialized refit expo. Almost all the overseas refit automobile brands and domestic annual session of newly manufactured automobile products tend to choose RA to hit the market. Therefore, RA playsa coordination role inthe Chinese automobile refit industry.
The RA Salon covered an area of more than 30,000 square meters (30% more than the last year). The total number of exhibitors reached 200, 40% more than the first six months of the year, with 300 automobiles, 500 auto spare parts and 60,000 audiences.
The exposition included five zones, i.e. International Refit Auto Brands, Commercial Customized Refit, Cross-border Vehicles, Modified Spare Parts and Outdoor Articles for Motor Home. Numerous numbers of domestic top refit brands were exhibited in International Refit Auto Brands Zone, including LORINSER, ZHONG HANG ZHONG ZHEN, TECHART, etc., among which many vehicles were presented in the domestic market for the first time. With the rapid growth in high-edge commercial customized markets, RA integrated plenty of commercial customized brands and auto spare parts dealers with series of featured products this year. There were more than 500 auto spare parts in the Salon that nearly covered the entire refit industry chain. Moreover, Cross-border Vehicle grabbed the manufacturers’ attention (30% exhibitors more than that of the last edition). In addition, Chinese Cross-border Vehicle Refit Industry Development Forum was held during the Salon and 100 concerning domestic and overseas enterprises attended the forum.
The newly founded interaction zone in RA this year impressed the audience with features such as Special Offer, Marina Club, TV shows, etc.

In the Salon, the Award Ceremony of Top 10 of 2015 RA was also held. LORINSER, ZHONG HANG ZHONG ZHEN, JINGUAN, TECHART, among others, have won 10 awards.