The 13th Beijing Automobile Exhibition Lead into “a New Realm " again

Pub Date:2014-04-30   Reads:
2014 (the 13th) Beijing Automobile Exhibition closed successfully on April 29. The statistics shows that by 12 p.m. April, 29th, this auto show had attracted an audience of 850 thousand, showing its high popularity among exhibitions once again.

This exhibition drew high global attention and made significant international influences. It manifests that Beijing Automobile Exhibition has become an important stage of global automobile industry for its further improvement of internationalization.
More than two thousand enterprises from 14 countries and areas covering all the transnational automobile enterprises and mainstream manufacturers in the world, participated this exhibition. There were 1134 finished automobiles on show, including 118 world debuts, reaching the most in automobile exhibition history. Moreover, there were 31 world debuts and 45 Asian debuts of transnational corporation. The entire above data well displays the high attention and recognition of global automobiles to Beijing Automobile Exhibition. This exhibition ranks first in the number of exhibition countries, enterprises, brands and models, as well as world debut amount. Moreover, SUV performance dynamic testing area was opened for the first time to enrich the exhibition.
Component exhibition area showed the latest achievements of enterprises. Component exhibition area in this automobile exhibition covering 70 thousand square meters attracted more than 1,500 exhibitors from 11 countries and regions. Except the display of common parts and components, the latest technologies and products in new-energy power supply, safety driving, automobile internet and other fields are also shown in this exhibition.
Apart from the exhibit level, this Beijing Automobile Exhibition further shows the quality of an international A-level automobile exhibition in many aspects, such as high technology, great attention from the world, high lights of self owned brand, and the construction of spiritual civilization, etc., which really have played an important role in global automobile industry.
During the auto show, there were 14,000 journalists from more than 40 countries and regions around the world, including 1220 foreign journalists. CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily, CNR and other national mainstream medias, as well as AP, AFP, Reuters, Kyodo News Agency, RIA, Bloomberg, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal and other international famous news agencies all made full reports for this automobile exhibition. Leaders from the standing committee of the National People's Congress, the Chinese people's political consultative conference and national ministries and commissions, industry association and other related departments attended the exhibition in personal. Ambassadors or officials of embassy from Japan, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and many other countries, delegation of Michigan state government, U.S. and sponsors of automobile exhibitions from America, Germany, France, Japan and Korea all visited the exhibition and exchanged leanings. Among them, the German deputy prime minister and economic and energy minister Gabriel lead a large delegation which more than one hundred people to visit the auto show.
CNAICO, as an organizer of the show, from organizing to participating, played multiple roles during the exhibition, undertook various tasks, and assisted the success of Beijing Automobile Exhibition.