CNAICO Held its Jan-April Business Operating Will

Pub Date:2012-05-24   Reads:
May 21, CNAICO held its Jan-April business operating will, where members of the Party and government leading bodies of company, middle-level cadres and some employee representatives attended the meeting presided over by vice president Qiao Gong.


Vice President Qiao Gong briefed the overall business goal achievement of Jan-April in the meeting. Heads of business unit reported their work, deliberated outstanding problems existing, analyzed causes and countermeasures of the problems and predicted the completion of this year’s operating indicators.

After listening to the speeches, president Ji Xuecheng put forward eight requirements: first, getting a clear understanding of the operating situation and a very calm judgment on it, making adequate preparations for the difficulty facing; second, enhancing the seriousness of operating indicators. Responsibility letters of business objective signed by heads of business units and subsidiaries in March were solemn commitments of Party members to the organization and heads should bear the responsibility for them with accomplishments speaking for themselves at the end of the year; third, strengthening the leadership. Leadership in charge of business segments should “sink”down and set foot in the business sectors helping seek for ideas through field research, seminars and other forms , to complete business tasks; fourth, studying the “progressive”. It was necessary to strengthen exploring new markets and new projects, and never withhold the theme; fifth, paying more attention to internal collaboration. The more the difficulty was, the more necessity to strengthen internal coordination. The collaboration between the leadership in charge of business segments and business sectors should be strengthened to overcome the difficulty encountered in operating activities; sixth, being strictly tight with controlling three kinds of fee, management fee and finance fee particularly. All departments should strictly follow the established cost indicators, controlling the financial costs in particular except for special difficulty and reasons; seventh, focusing on monitoring consolidated entities. Appointed directors, supervisors and department of industrial investment of company should be aware in-depth with the real operating conditions of consolidated entities, and monitor strict-fully; eighth, strengthening team building. It was necessary to give full play to the team role, and conduct personnel training and discover talents through new projects and large projects, exerting on potential employees, saving power for exploring new markets and long-term development, building core competitiveness by team ability un-copied.

Currently, when the company had officially launched “management enhancement”, president Ji Xuecheng stressed that “management enhancement” should be treated as an opportunity to raise the overall level of corporate governance, and promote business development. “As long as the companies are united, letter can be sent to Garcia”. President Ji Xuecheng said at last.