EU-China auto parts Roundtable Conference Held in Beijing

Pub Date:2012-04-25   Reads:
April 23, coincided with the ‘Auto China” media reception day, EU-China Auto Parts Roundtable Conference held at the general headquarters of the China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH). The conference was co-chaired by President of CNAICO Ji Xuecheng and chairman of the board of Shenzhen Shentou Autoparts Co.,Ltd Ding Qing. 50 government officials, industry organizations and representatives of the auto companies from China and EU attended the meeting.


Before the meeting, Ren Hongbin, the chairman of the board of SINOMACH met with Mr. Gales, the president of the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA) and other guests. President Ren Hongbin said that enterprises of China and Europe have a lot of opportunities to cooperate in the field of auto parts. He believed that this round table conference is conducive to mutual understanding, through which, we can explore more potential for future development in China and Europe.
Mr. Gales believed that China is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for both auto market suppliers and auto parts suppliers. If the European automotive industry wants to maintain growth, the first thing they need to do is innovation. Second, we must actively carry out international. Europe is eagerly to cooperate with China on resources, talents, raw materials and other aspects. Mr. Gales said that he found China’s great potential after these years cooperation with China. Only actively cooperate with Chinese enterprises, European car can have better development.
Ding Hongxiang, the President of SINOMACH pointed in his speech, both of automobile industry of China and Europe are in a special period of development. China and Europe are facing new challenges and opportunities. This round table builds a high-level platform for communicate, and will have a positive impact on cooperation between China and Europe.
President Ji Xuecheng said in his speech, cooperation or competition, the answer is clear, that is cooperation. Mutual awareness and understanding is the foundation of cooperation. The Automechanika Shanghai which co-organized by CNAICO and Messe Frankfurt provide an important platform to promote better understanding between enterprises in China, Europe and other countries, and played an active role in promote the cooperation between enterprises. Seen from the success of the operation of this project, only cooperation is our best choice.