Ambassador of PRC in Venezuela Visited CNAICO

Pub Date:2010-12-01   Reads:
On January 20, .Zhang Tuo, Ambassador of PRC in Venezuela visited CNAICO and had a talk with CNAICO president Liu Jingzhen. CNAICO vice president Jing Yongjian and Han Xiaohong, general manager of Sinomach Exhibition Co.LTD, (subsidiary of CNAICO) attended the meeting.
During the meeting, Mr. Liu introduced the development of CNAICO and its main business. He said the overseas independent brand exhibitions sponsored by CNAICO such as China Industry Expo-Venezuela are CNAICO's new key business exploited in recent years. The development of China Industry Expo-Venezuela enjoys great support of Embassy of PRC in Venezuela and is widely acceptable among enterprises of both China and Venezuela. Now it has become one of the finest examples of Sino-foreign economic and trade exchanges.

CNAICO will continuously improve service level and enhance its market influence to play a greater role in Sino-Venezuela communication and exchanges between China and Latin American areas.

Ambassador Zhang commented favorably on CNAICO's concept of exhibition and its contribution to Sino-foreign economic and trade exchanges. He said, Venezuela is China抯 important market. China Industry Expo-Venezuela not only promotes Chinese products, but also serves as a high quality platform for exchanges and cooperation between enterprises of the two countries, the Embassy of PRC in Venezuela will continue to support the exhibition and hope CNAICO will further improve the quality of the exhibition and bring up more and better independently- branded overseas exhibitions.