Vice Minister Miao Wei met with CNAICO President

Pub Date:2010-12-01   Reads:
On January 2nd, 2009, Mr. Miao Wei, vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, met with CNAICO president Mr. Liu Jingzhen in Beijing.
During the meeting, President Liu made a detailed introduction to vice minister Miao on the development situation of CNAICO since its founding and its achievements in the following five fields: engineering project contracting, trade, industrial investment, exhibition, and comprehensive services. And the talk between them then focused on the exhibitions sponsored by CNAICO, including Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, Shanghai International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts, Equipment and Service Suppliers (Automechanika Shanghai), and other overseas and domestic auto shows.

Vice minister Miao commended CNAICO for its valuable spirit and experience in achieving great leap forward in only a few years and expressed his congratulations on CNAICO抯 performance and his sincere hope that CNAICO will be forging rapidly ahead and making greater contribution to the social and economic development.